Universal Design of Tube Amplifiers

Universal Charts for several hi-fi tubes

From RCA tube manual

This is a fantastic design tool for making a tube amplifier. You can do a few things with this. First you choose in PART1 your favorite schematic from the pages 1 , 2 or 3. There is a description with it how to choose and why. When you found what you need, you go into PART2 below here, and from there you can simply choose from the tables the right values. The result is YOUR schematic. No calculations.... No mistakes possible.

ALSO... with this you can design your schematics for tubes you can't find a schematic for, OR you have a schematic, but it is not suited for the supply voltage you want to work at. Like finding something for the E180CC is not always easy, but it's a very beautiful tube.

PART1 Universal Schematics

Page1 - Page2 - Page3

PART2 Tube related data tables

6C5, (Triode connected) 6J7, 6C6, 6W7, 12J7, '57

6J7, 6C6, 6W7, '57(as pentodes)

6N7, 6A6, 53

6SL7-GT, 6SC7,6SC7-GT,6AQ6, 6AT6, 6Q7, 6SZ7, 5691, 6SU7-GT, 6188, 6SL7-WGT,6T8, 12AT6, 12Q7, 12SL7-GT, 19T8, ECC35

6SN7-GT, 12SN7-GT,6F8-G, 6J5, 5692, 6CG7, 6FQ7, 8CG7, 7N7, 7A4, 12FQ7

6SJ7, 12SJ7

12AU7,7AU7, ECC82,ECC802, 6C4

12AT7, ECC81, ECC801,CV4024, M8162,6AB4, 12AZ7, 12DT8, 6201, 7690

12AV7, 5965, 7062,E180CC

12AX7, ECC83,ECC803s, CV4004, 6AV6, 12AV6,6AX7, 20EZ7

12AY7, 6072