300B, 300B-XLS, 1605, KT88, KT120, EL34, 211 Amplifiers

Schaltbilder by Dipl. Ing J. Leven, Germany.

Here you find circuit diagrams of 300B and 300B-XLS, EL34, EML1605, KT88, KT120 amplifiers, which are a private project of Mr. Leven, Germany.

EL34 'AMP1' (EL34 Stereo Integrated Amplifier, Single Ended)

KT88 'DAVID' (28/50 Watt PP Monoblock)

300B 'PSE' (15 Watt Monoblock)

300B 'PSE CON-FUOCO' (20 Watt Monoblock)

300B-XLS 'MERKUR' (Stereo Version, 2x14 Watt) Under construction

300B-XLS 'SE' (20 Watt Monoblock)

300B-XLS 'SE Blade' (20 Watt Monoblock)

520B 'ULTIMATE' (22 Watt Monoblock)

1605 'SE' (23 Watt Monoblock)

KT120 'SE' (25 Watt)

KT150 'PP' (70 Watt class A)

KT170 / KT150 PP (105Watt with 2x KT170, or 85 Watt wth 2x KT150)

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