EML 30A in two stage amplifier (211, TM100, RS237...)

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EML 30A in two stage amplifier (211, TM100, RS237...)

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Two years ago a started a project to build a two (or eventually 3) stages amplifier using big triodes.
My first project was to use the French TM100 (Mazda) or his Dutch complement the MC1/60.... I rapidly add the german RS237, and the american cousin, the 211/VT4C, to constitute the "gang of four"
Gang of four.jpg
Gang of four.jpg (93.99 KiB) Viewed 14999 times
VT4B, RS237, TM100 and MC1/60 from my personal collection

VT4C Box.jpg
VT4C Box.jpg (114.2 KiB) Viewed 14998 times
GE VT4C in a military box.

The amplifier was designed in 3 blocs, two power blocs, with mainly the "big" triode, the 1020V power supply, the 10V (or 4V) filament supply, the output transformer, and a separate input/driver stage. The chosen output transformer was the F2013 from Tamura.
For the input/driver several configurations were tested

A single EC86 triode
An ECC35 plus WE VT52 triodes
A triode mounted C3g single
A triode mounted C3g plus 10Y triode
An EML 30a single

EML 30a 211.jpg
EML 30a 211.jpg (88.2 KiB) Viewed 14998 times
A view of the amplifier with EML30a first stage and the two power stages (using 211/VT4C from GE)

To be continued...


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Re: EML 30A in two stage amplifier (211, TM100, RS237...)

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Is it conceivable to harm the Heaters/Filaments if HighVoltage is connected to the frosty tube? Will the Tubes KT88 and EML300B keep going for more time if the HighVoltage is connected at a later time, contrasted with the warming Power?

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