Plate Voltage

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Plate Voltage

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I am building an amp for a friend using EML 5U4G and two AD1 triodes. The amp will be a push pull configuration using fixed bias. My question is how much plate voltage can the out put tubes take safely. I realize they can only dissipate 15 watts. But in a push pull amp tubes are usually set at higher voltage and lower quiescent current. The EML website only offers information for single ended operation.

Thanks, Kevin

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Re: Plate Voltage

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Hello Kevin,

it's quite suited actually for PP. Higher voltage for EML AD1 is no problem, look at the datasheet and you'll see they have higher maximum voltage than generic AD1. For PP schematics, you can bias them the same as 2A3. You should be able to find good PP schematics for 2A3 in the internet. Make sure you have the heater at 4V. In PP You may want to use them at 4.2V, which is 5% plus. In that case you need electronic regulation, so you are sure to have 4.2V, as this the allowed maximum, but you may not exceed it.


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