EML 20B V4 bias

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Re: EML 20B V4 bias

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EMl20B is very nice tube, but I would recommend to go with more gain, so 3x DHT tubes, 2x for driver.
20B alone as a diver and input tube in one, can sound right from tone perspective, but not very dynamic. You need gain, so You can do as I did, so try to mix 10y and EML20B (8x+20x gain). Both have different tone character and 10y will add more clarity and punch. 10y needs more load than EML20B typically, so something like choke load 168H for 10y would be fine. EML20B works well with 100H. If you go for coupling capacitors to not use only PIO caps not to slow down sound too much.
I tried also input step-up transformer (1:2 or 1:4) and EML20B and it wasnt the best you can get. You need very low source output impedance and lundahl nickel cores transformers will stiffen/harden the sound and amorphous cores will weaken low frequencies. Active gain is needed. Make a gain suitable to have 0.5V to max 1V RMS input sensitivity for full power output. This works best for me and is universal to work with all sources.


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