Pricing for EML520B-V2 (6.5V heater)

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Pricing for EML520B-V2 (6.5V heater)

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Hi Jac,
For the past 3 yrs I've used the EML520-V3 (5V heater) very successfully in a SE amp.
This is a great valve but at some stage I will need to replace them.

I notice your March 2017 pricelist have the EML 520B-V2 (Pair) 6.5Volt advertised at 490,00 Euro...export price.
This is 228 Euro cheaper than the EML 520B-V3 (Pair) 5Volt

Why the price difference between the two ? Is it because the V2 version is not selling so well ?

I ask this question, because if I reconfigure my amplifier to accommodate a 6.5V heater & purchase the V2 option will this valve remain in stock for the foreseeable future ?

One other question does the V2 option sound different in any way to the V3 option ?

Cheers Johno

J. Leven
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Re: Pricing for EML520B-V2 (6.5V heater)

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Hi Johno,
i am not Jac,

but why want you change to 6.5 V ?

Regards, Jörg

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