EML 5u4G-mesh and minimum required copper resistance

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EML 5u4G-mesh and minimum required copper resistance

Postby nnerto » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:01 pm

I am interested to use a EML 5U4G mesh in my amplifier, but I have a question about the minimum required copper resistance of the transformer winding. I see in the EML web page that the minimum Raa value for the curve 1 to 6 is 170 ohm. This value is different form the data sheet of the other manufacturer. Please if you see for example the Sylvania 5u4G or GE you can find a much less value. So, because in my amplifier I have a Raa of around 80 ohm ( and first capacitor of the filer of 22 uF, and 180 mA dc current to the load) , I ask if I can use the EML 5U4g without risk of damage it. Thank you very much
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Re: EML 5u4G-mesh and minimum required copper resistance

Postby J. Leven » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:38 am

die 170 Ohm sind Raa, bei sylvania each plate ,
wenn Raa zu klein ist müssen entprechende 2 zusätzliche Wiederstände eingebaut werden,
die Ausgangsspannung wird dadurch aber etwas verringert ,
zu 5U4G mesh kann ich nichts sagen , habe bisher nur EH 5U4GC und 5U4G Svetlana verbaut

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Re: EML 5u4G-mesh and minimum required copper resistance

Postby MattyLada » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:09 pm

Hi...as per my knowledge there are some mesh plate rectifiers with unusual (30V) heaters that can be found for cheap. I have one, but I'm too lazy to dig into my tube stash at the moment. I'm saving this tube for my final build of SE headphone amp.
As for the rectifier's sound signature, overpricing sellers inhibit my wish to give my money away, while I could use it to upgrade much more important parts in the amplifier, such as capacitors, chokes and the output transformer.

pcb assembly usa
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