EML 2A3 MESH or SolidState plate

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EML 2A3 MESH or SolidState plate

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Hi There!

Friend of mine has a Melody Astro 22 Black integrated amp which operates with 2 pairs of 2A3's in a PushPull fashion.
His amp is rated for 2 times 18 watts at 1% THD.

He wants to upgrade his Sovtek 2A3's with EML's but it's not clear if he can use both the MESH as the SolidPlate plate version.
Is it more save to use the solidplate version because it can operate at higher output levels in PP than the MESH version?

Thanks in advance

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Re: EML 2A3 MESH or SolidState plate

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Have not been around here for while. Surprised this has not been responded to by now.

It is probably too late for you, but for others that might want to know in the future: without the operating points (or at the least, plate dissipation), if in doubt I would use the 2A3-S due to their higher allowable plate dissipation. As someone who has used both, sonically, I don't think mesh is better than solid plate, or vice versa; they are different flavour. Both great, just different.

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