New tube suggestion

About the Emission Labs tubes and how to use them.
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New tube suggestion

Post by Allan »

Hello Jac. Hello everyone.

I would really like to see someone build a new EL34 that exceeds the original Mullard XF-1 and XF-2 designs.

Every manufacturer that made an excellent version has stopped producion over the past two decades. First RFT (Seimens), then the original Tesla, and now I hear Svetlana (Winged-C) in St. Petersburg is not producing as many if any at all. To my ears, the only one still in regular production that sounds similar to an old Mullard is the GT-EL34M that's built in China for Groove Tubes (now Fender). As well as these work, my NOS Mullards are still much better performers and they last longer.

It would be nice to purchase an EL34 that sets the standard for all previous and present versions. I would think that Emission Labs could do this successfully. I would imagine them being works of art as there present ubes are. The market for this model is already well established. Please seriously consider this request.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: New tube suggestion

Post by 303monkey »

How about building the VF14 tube for the Telefunken U47 microphone

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