BARRACUDA SE30 Review from P. Hansen

Here are the Circuit diagrams for single ended amplifierer with: 300B, EML300B-Mesh, EML300B-XLS, EML1605, KT120
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J. Leven
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BARRACUDA SE30 Review from P. Hansen

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Audio system

Avalon Ascendant mkII

Preamp: Akouo
Riaa: Pass Labs Xono,
Phonodude with Lundahl 1941 step-up.
Power amp:Barracuda PSE 30
Aleph-X 60

Source Turntable:
Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace with 10" Anna arm with Ortofon MC A95 and Oracle SME 345 arm with Ortofon Cadence Black

Source Digital:
Shiga Clone cd drive and DDDAC 1974 converter


The Barracuda 30 is a really solid and easy to build amplifier it is replacing a Aleph-X 60 amplifier in my system. It is build without modification to the schematic from Jörg Leven. The parts used are Takman and Kiwame carbon resistors and Mundorf Supreme capacitor. The powersupply are build with Nichicon and Chemi-Con capacitors. OPT is from Lundahl, choke is from Hammond and power trafo is costum from Rondo-Müller.
Now for the importent thing the sound :)
The music that I hear is mostly rock and blues. The sound from these amplifieres are wonderful, they are very clear in the sound with a small amount of warmt that is not to much. As said the resolution is fantastic, the music has received an extra layer. The bass is delivered with a speed and firmness that is really great. The same can be said about the rest of the sound area midrange and treble, there is more of everything.
The music from this amplifier is delivered with at 3D soundstage that is more natural and vivid compared to my old amplifiers which are not bad amplifiers at all.
All in all I must say that this is one of the best amplifiers i've have heard in my system so far.
I've have been running the amplifier now for 5 weeks and the Bias has been stable all the time with no need to make any adjustment so far.The Barracuda 30 is total quiet, no hum or anything is heard from it.
The conclusion must be that this amplifier is staying in my system :)

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