Funke W16 function problem

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Funke W16 function problem

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I have purchased W16 "Einsheitprüfgerät". It is exactly the one which is on this pages. I bought it from ebay some time ago. I had some problems with test mechanism timing, but now it has been repaired.
But still I have some problems with the tester.

1, I have tested DC voltages and I found, that instead of 200V= is reading 230V=. I did the simple testing with pin in DC anode socket and knob at test position (12). I did the maesurement between katode and anode sockets. All other voltages are OK.

2, Are there DIODES at position V and VI ?? I have tested them, but they passed in both directions. Maybe this is the problem?

3, When testing e88c results are very low. During testing e88cc I did measured again voltage between K and A and result was 37V instead of 60V. Without inserted tube voltage is normal. May this be problem with STABIL. TUBE (RG150A) ? Is it too weak?
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