Rogue L3-3 EBAY seller - "any-devices"

Brand name believed to be KALIBR.
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Rogue L3-3 EBAY seller - "any-devices"

Post by joepass »

Hi all, please beware of rogue L3-3 EBAY sellers.

I bought mine off EBAY which was listed as New NOS but received a Used item.
Some accessories which were supposed to be in the shipment also were not included.

It seems the seller has been selling items that he doesn't have or not local to where he is.

EBAY ID: any-devices

Shipper address on parcel:
Mr Roman Bitz
Syhivska 10/158
L'viv 79066

Registered EBAY address:
Miss Kateryna Zatsepina
Keletska 61 str., Apt. 58
Vinnytsia 21027

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Re: Rogue L3-3 EBAY seller - "any-devices"

Post by g.ciccio »

I also bought a L3.3 from any-device who said that the tester was working very well and tested,but the tester was out of use and bad!

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