L3-3 & Isolation transformer

Brand name believed to be KALIBR.
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L3-3 & Isolation transformer

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I am new to the forum.
I am a proud owner of a L3-3 tube tester and before switching it on I would like to check all the Caps are in good condition.

Once I have done this I was wondering if it would be sensible using an Isolation Transformer with the unit (possibly while overhauling it).

My question is how many amp Isolation Transformer would I need to this.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: L3-3 & Isolation transformer

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Sorry, if the reply comes a bit late!

The question is what do you want to achieve with that? All internal power supplies, for the tube under test, and for the internal electronics, this is all grounded to the case. So the danger of touching the case and a high voltage line at the same time, you can't eliminate that with an isolation transformer.

In case you go for it, given the massive size on the mains transformer you need to think of a 300Watt or so, type.

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