About Steve Bench  

No, this isn't me. However, she's cuter than I am.

I have over 30 years of engineering experience, primarily in the telecom arena. I have done hardware, software and system architectural designs. I have contributed as a Technical Specialist as well as Director Level engineering management (of 30 people). I offer a very broad knowledge base, as well as depth in the traditional Telecom/Telephony marketplace.

Current Status: Employed by Applied Digital Access in San Diego.

Past Employment History:

Digital Transmission Systems (and Able Telecom): 10/91 to 8/98: "Chief Technologist". Architected, designed, developed, and supported several products during this timeframe. I was mentor to many engineers, and I held several "telecom" classes for executive and engineering staff. Some key project developments: ISDN extended range "U" interface for D4/SLC Channel bank. Several "port" cards for channel banks/access D&I multiplexors: voice, data, combined very high density cardsets. Also T1 interface as well as switching power supply designs.

Verilink Corporation: 12/88 to 10/91: "Director of Engineering". Primarily an engineering management position, architected a new generation of network access products that is still the flagship product of that organization. Also developed a very extensive TL1 based T1 monitoring unit. Managed up to 30 people, with hire/fire/review and budgetary responsibilities. Originally hired as Verilink's first software manager.

Fujitsu America: 2/85 to 12/88: "Manager of Systems and Hardware Engineering". The system was a distributed processing PBX. Various applications were developed for PBX support, whereby the PBX handled the call processing, and the "application processors" handled the unique applications. I was responsible for determining the "dividing line" as well as coordinating the efforts of four geographically isolated development organizations.

Ericsson Communications: 6/78 to 2/85: "Technical Specialist/Hardware Manager". Two "lives" in this organization. Developed a new generation Analog Subscriber Carrier product, and provided technical support for "americanization" of a PBX product line. Also responsible for keeping the corporation current from a "standards body" view.

Motorola Communications Division: 6/68 to 6/78: "Senior Staff Engineer". One of the primary contributors to Motorola's first vehicle location system. Member of Motorola's Patent Review Board. This was my engineering entry position, and developed into a technical leadership position.


Harris, Dracon Div: Analog Line Testing and Subscriber Loop Carrier System characteristics.

Focus Enterprises: Patent Review of telecom/datacom products.

Inline Connection Corporation: LAN connectivity design and patent review.

CAIS: LAN Range extension devices.

Smith Micro Systems: SW development and porting for PC based products.

Saville Organ: Low noise, low distortion amplifier design.

City of Hope (Duarte CA): A-D conversion, DSP and software development.

Lake County (IL) College: Instructor: electrical engineering courses.

IAD/B-Cubed Eng: Audio technology.

Other Contracts/Consultation: Audio Technology- several designs.

What's unique about Steve Bench:

I have very strong leadership skills. I am able to get the job done, consistently on time and within budget. I am able to simplify seemingly complex problems, and convey this to the organization. I'm skilled at getting several groups to work together. I offer an unusually broad knowledge base, coupled with an unusual depth of knowledge in the telecom market.

I have 10 issued US patents, and several currently pending.