Problems with Ernst Erb My Problems with Mr. Ernst Erb from

More Problems with Ernst Erb Problems with Warning! Make good note, the site is not for free at all. You pay with your time and your energy. Member fee is high for what you are offered. At first you think: It works! Now I don't need to look at those small pictures any more. But my happyness lasted not very long. Extremely quick, my 'points' were gone, and I got warnings to upload things, to get more 'points', or else access will be restricted.

Already after downloading 12 schematics, I became a restricted member. '&%$'§!!!!

I was prepared to upload documents, but the upload software was not working. A man appeared, named Ernst Erb, from Switserland, for 'so callled' support. The software was old fashioned, but I didn't complain about that, I only wanted to understand why it doesn't work on my PC. Ernst Eib writes me: We have only a 'help' file. We do not give personal support to anybody. No exceptions. If you can't get the upload page working, we will not help you by email and not by phone. If we loose somebody because of that, we loose somebody. So I say ok, give me the money back. His answer: No. Not after downloading 12 schematics. I said he has a problem with his ego. He must have regarded this blasphemy. He immediately deleted my password, and kept my money. I payed a lifetime member fee, for copies of 12 schematics. Pricewise a scam, but personal I regard it a fraud, because there was an agreement for lifetime membership, which I not received, and he kept the payment for it. Unbelievable. He writes me once more how stupid I am: 'Find it out yourself, or forget it'. I have saved all those emails of him, which to my opinion were very arrogant. So he can not say he did not write it. I think the best is to replace this person. Here I found a link from somebody with similar problems with Mr. Ernst Erb from


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