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Lundahl Transformers AB. The ultimate tip in the internet. This small Swedish family company makes modestly and silently a whole range of unique audio transformers. Priced is in the middle range, but performance is top-class.

Radiomuseum.org. How I wasted money and time, only to receive 16 schematics, bad support, and nothing else.

2A3 Maniac German Text only. Einer der allerschönsten 2A3 Seiten im Netz.

The makers of beautiful metal chassis Amplifiers

KONDO JAPAN. Mr Hiroyasu Kondo went to tube heaven in 2006.

Gyraf AudioExcellent website if you are interested in tube audio compressors, and other studio equipment. With very nice DIY part

John Broskie's Guide to Tube Circuit Analysis & Design. Take this site as it is, programs are for Windows XP only, and Email is not answered, but it's useful site anyway.

Youtube. No joke, Neil Styner shows how to make a working triode from with an alcohol flame, an no vacuum. He observed a power gain of 60x. If really so, this would have changed the early days of radio telegraphy a LOT. More...

More Funny projects - and even more here

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